Hi. I'm Betty Jean.

Here's my life story in 9 paragraphs:

I started singing opera at age 4. That was my life's focus. At age 17, I got sick and lost my opera singing voice. Not fun. Got a degree in audio engineering, fine art, and metal smithing (jewelry making) instead.

I sang jazz professionally for a few years during the summers in college. And I have worked as a professional musician or band manager in metal, indie rock, punk, country, jazz, classical, electronica, and about every genre of music imaginable.

From 2004-2007 I ran a petroleum distribution company. In 2005, I helped start and did operations for one of the first international biodiesel brokerages in the world servicing the US, Brazil, India, and Europe. Fun fact: I got to play music with Willie Nelson at his 4th of July Warm Up Weekend. A fun, lucky break thanks to my relationships in biodiesel.

In 2007, I moved to Austin, Texas and went all in on internet marketing, business coaching and consulting. I was president of the East Austin Rotary Club at age 28.

Starting in 2005, I stage managed & worked with major music acts + organized events for New York Times Best Selling authors as SXSW for 10 years. I worked with folks such as The Flaming Lips, Perry Ferrell of Jane's Addiction, LMFAO, & Crystal Castles just to name a few. On the author side, I threw parties for Jenny Blake, Josh Kaufman, & Chris Guillebeau.

In 2017, I started a health coaching and body confidence business along side my business consulting. In 2020, I pivoted hard (as everyone did) & worked on a business arbitrage program with a friend before closing down my businesses and going full-time into learning day trading.

Since 2020 I've studied under both retail traders and spent a year learning from a hedge fund owner/manager. I'm a derivatives trader and trade options & futures primarily.

In March of 2023, after tearing my meniscus and being bedridden for 6 months, I started painting again. (In photoshop since I was stuck in bed.)

Then in 2024 my entrepreneurial roots started calling me back and I started the most simple and fun business I could think of: affiliate marketing. So, I currently both run an online EFT tapping for traders & affiliate marketing business and day trade full-time.

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