Eat Like A Badass

You deserve to ♥️ how you look and feel.

The “Eat Like A Badass” Checklist is the exact process I used to stop overeating, heal the inflammation, and fall in love with my body… in all her shapes, sizes, and seasons. 

Inside this checklist, you’ll discover…

🌟 How to stop overeating…
🌟 How to heal inflammation that could be making you sick…
🌟 And how to love the body you have so you can get the body you want!

Best of all, it’s FREE! 

Download The “How To Stop Overeating” Checklist now:

What Clients Are Saying

I am uplifted in all ways… Spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I am not letting sugar control me anymore! My clothes fit better & I am so much more aware of my body. You are SO REAL, Betty Jean. I feel like you really get me.”

L. M. Felici – Former Client

Two weeks into the program, I was starting to feel better. Six weeks in and people are remarking on how much thinner my face is looking. The inflammation is reducing and I’m feeling better and better!”

Ava – Former Client

I saw a huge change in the mirror. I could literally see my face and body slimming down.”

O. Juarez – Former Client

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