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Trying to lose weight or feel better when you’re sick, inflamed, or overeating can be like spraying water on a grease fire. If you’re ready for an approach you haven’t tried yet, start here.

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Sometimes you just want the personal, private help. I’m here for you. Includes private weekly calls with Betty Jean for 6 months (minimum) + access to:

  • Studio Happy, Hot + Healed Membership (6 months)
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Digital Courses

“Betty Jean Bell puts those of us who call ourselves polymaths to shame. She’s already lived several lifetimes of experiences with many more to come.” – Michael Hrostoski

I’ve learned things. And I compulsively teach them. Get what’s inside my head and heart here.

  • Instagram Like A Badass: How I build my biz with IG.
  • Budget Like A Badass: How I paid off $30K in debt.
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I was already eating an anti-inflammatory diet, but I wasn’t losing weight. When I added water filters and Beautycounter to my life, I lose 6 dress sizes and 4% (toxic) body fat. Find out WTF I’m talking about here.

Safer Products

What water filters, air filters, supplements, inflammation tests, books, foods, and coffee do I use? Find out every product I use and recommend to my clients here.

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