Hi. I’m Betty Jean Bell.

I’m a day trader & musician living her life happily offline these days.

Since 2004, I’ve helped small “brick & mortar” businesses streamline their systems, offers, staff, and workflows so they could reduce costs, reduce work hours, increase sales and profits, and simplify the business overall.

Since moving to Austin, Texas in 2007, I’ve been immersed in Internet Marketing… helping start and grow hundreds of online coaching, course, and services business through my courses or years of work as a consultant.

2020 changed all of our lives. I felt called to make a massive pivot in my career, opting to follow only my deepest interests and passions from here on out: day trading, music, and occasionally consulting with a select few clients who felt really fun and cool to work with.

If you’re on this site because you’re interested in consulting, cool. Contact me here and let’s chat.

If you’re on this site because you purchased a course from me in the past at BeingBadass.com or BettyJeanBell.com, check out the Courses page to find out how to access your previously purchased courses.

Industries I’ve Worked In

Petroleum Distribution

Trucking & Logistics

Health Coaching



Pest Control

Internet Marketing

Online Coaching & Service Providers

Hiring & Staffing

Mindset Coaching for Traders