Hi. I’m Betty Jean Bell.

I’m a day trader, artist & musician living her life almost entirely off social media.

What most people don’t know about me: I started singing opera when I was 4 years old, and have a degree in fine arts & music, which included focuses on audio engineering, vocal performance, and fine jewelry making. (Think copper, gold and silver jewelry.) During that time, I did a lot of painting work using charcoal and acrylics, and performed in and managed multiple bands in multiple genres, ranging from jazz to indie to metal to electronica. I sing, play bass, some piano, and did a lot of recording back then. I also sang jazz professionally in New Orleans during the summers I could afford to travel there.

I came to this earth to make art and music. It’s all I lived and breathed until I turned 25. At 25, something in my brain shifted and “survival” and “money is more important than art” thinking kicked in and shifted the direction of my life. (I know now how wrong I was, but I’ll get to that in a second.)

In 2004, I cut art out of my life entirely and started working with small “brick & mortar” businesses helping them streamline their systems, offers, staff, and workflows so they could reduce costs, reduce work hours, increase sales and profits, and simplify the business overall.

When I moved to Austin, Texas in 2007, I was immersed in Internet Marketing. Over the next decade, through my courses and work as a consultant., I helped start and grow hundreds of online coaching and service businesses. (Nevermind that I moved to Austin so that I could stage manage shows for SXSW music festival for the next decade… still needing that dose of music in my life.)

Around 2015, after healing multiple “incurable illnesses” with diet, lifestyle, and mindset change, in addition to my business consulting and education work, I became a certified health coach and started helping others heal their relationship with food, body image, and themselves.

2020 changed all of our lives. Over the next 2 years, I’d come to realize I had made a huge mistake cutting art and music out of my life. I felt called to make a massive pivot in my career, opting to get back to my roots and follow only my deepest interests and passions from here on out. Right now, those are art, music, day trading, and spending time with friends and family.

If you’re on this site because you have seen my portrait work, through a friend or online, and you are desiring your own portrait… CLICK HERE to get started. Thanks for being part of my journey to reconnect to my reason for being alive. I’m really excited to show you just how beautiful and important you are through my visual representation of you.

If you’re on this site because you purchased a course from me in the past at BeingBadass.com or BettyJeanBell.com, check out the Retired Courses page to find out how to access your previously purchased courses. If you’ve purchased trading indicators or mindset tools from me in the past, click here to access those.

For those of you still reading and wondering why the F I am also a day trader, that is something that completely nourishes my creative, logical, analytical side. Trading is SUCH an art, and NOTHING has grown me emotionally, mentally, and personally like trading has. Trading is as much a part of my creative and spiritual path as art is.

Industries I’ve Worked In

Petroleum Distribution

Trucking & Logistics

Hiring & Staffing

Web Development

Health Coaching

Music & Vocal Performance

Music Stage Management

Pest Control

Internet Marketing

Online Coaching & Service Providers

Graphic Design


Portrait Art

Jewelry Making

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