The 4 Habits Coaching

I'm accepting a small number of new coaching clients to learn the skills to relax, have fun with food, and create the body and health they've always wanted... no matter what.

Will you be one of them? 

🦄 We begin January, 2018. Group calls begin January 9th at 6pm CST. Secure your seat now. Have questions? I can help. Book a free Weight Loss Breakthrough Coaching Session here.

What Clients Are Saying

Have questions? Book a free Breakthrough Session with Betty Jean here:

What Are The 4 Habits & The 4 Pillars?

The 4 Habits

Habit #1: Make Time for Sleep

Without quality sleep every night, we can burn up to 250 calories less each day, increase inflammation, and causing us to make poor food decisions.

Habit #2: Make Time for Meal Prep

If you want to heal your body and lose weight, convenience foods aren’t going to cut it anymore. In this habit, we make sure having healthy foods on hand is a priority by dedicating time in our calendars and learning strategies to make meal prep easy.

Habit #3: Eat Slowly in an Undistracted Environment

This may be the single most important habit you learn for connecting to your body. This ONE THING helped me end binge eating in my life forever.

Habit #4: Make Time to Refresh Your Mind

This little-talked-about habit is the secret to never again “sabotaging your health goals” for night time or weekend “rewards” or uncontrollable food cravings.

The 4 Pillars

Pillar #1: Are you eating clean food?

Most people don't realize that the quality of the food we eat matters significantly more that what we eat when it comes to reversing inflammation and improving weight loss.

In this pillar, you will practice making ONE cleaner food choice at a time.

Pillar #2: Are you breathing clean air?

Did you know that the quality of the air you breath may not only be creating allergies but may also be creating inflammation in the body and impeding weight loss?

This is a really easy pillar that can significantly improve your results & happiness.

Pillar #3: Are you drinking clean water?

Tap water is FILLED with endocrine disruptors, medications, neurotoxins and carcinogens that can create inflammation, imbalance hormones and thyroid function, and can impede your ability to lose weight.

You'll dedicate time to making small changes in your water that can create big results you didn't expect.

Pillar #4: Are you using clean body care?

The FDA allows companies to use ingredients known to be extremely harmful in the products we put on our bodies. Many of these questionable or harmful ingredients are linked to inflammation, cancer, obesity, reproductive issues, asthma, and more.

You'll learn how to buy or make safer products - slowly over time - without getting overwhelmed or breaking your budget.

Who is it for?

Women who...
🌟 are struggling with inflammation.
🌟 are having trouble sticking to a healthy eating plan.
🌟 can't seem to lose weight no matter what you try.

If you've been suffering for a while and have tried to diet, deprive yourself, "exercise hard" and "eat right" but are getting nowhere, then you're in the right place.

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Practice Makes Permanent

I help clients make small (but significant) changes, one at a time, and practice them daily for 2 weeks. Then we add another habit, practice it for two weeks, then add another, and so on.

All the while, you are learning new skills, new ideas, and new tools you can use and experiment with until you find what works for you.

You Become What You Learn

You’ll quit sugar and other addictive foods, learn to meal prep, improve your cooking skills and food habits, find the foods that work for you, and so much more.

What you learn in this life-changing program will be part of who you are FOREVER.

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You're Never Alone In This Again

This isn't a book or a course that you have to read on your own and will probably forget a week from now.

This is a habit change immersion where - together - you will practice ONE habit at a time EVERY SINGLE DAY at your own pace over 6 months.

What Clients Are Saying

"Two weeks into the program, I was starting to feel better. Six weeks in and people are remarking on how much thinner my face is looking. The inflammation is reducing and I'm feeling better and better."

Ava - Current Client

"I am uplifted in all ways... Spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I am not letting sugar control anymore! My clothes fit better & I am so much more aware of my body. You are SO REAL, Betty Jean. I feel like you really get me."

L. M. Felici - Past Client

What You Get

The 4 Habits Digital Course
A 6 Month DIY Coaching Program - $97

1. The 4 Habits Course + 6 Month Daily Journal (Digital ONLY)

The 4 Habits membership site journal display

This is The 4 Habits & The 4 Pillars laid out simply and clearly so you can follow along and know exactly what to practice each and every day.

All your meal planning, personal tracking, and weekly reflection in ONE PLACE.

You'll be able to look back and SEE your tangible, measurable progress and lifestyle changes easily with the simple flip of a page.

The 4 Habits Group Coaching
- $197/month for 6 months.
Includes The 4 Habits Digital Course plus...

1. Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Betty Jean 

Every Tuesday night at 6pm CST (7pm EST / 4pm PST) we meet for our fun and inspiring group coaching call!

Group Calls begin January 9th.

I'll help you stay focused on your ONE THING and overcome any road blocks to making your healthy habits happen. This is where we get to the root of your challenges, co-create a plan, and celebrate your victories - together.

2. Unlimited On-Demand Voice Coaching

We both know that in between sessions is when the real work happens and when we often need the most help. (Or to be talked off the "cake ledge". 🤣) That's where on-demand voice coaching comes in.

Leave me a voice message in the Voxer Walkie Talkie app and I will reply during normal business hours. You are never alone in this again!

3. Access to the Invite-Only Online Commitment Club

Every week you'll share your ONE THING with our private online community.

Together we focus.
Together we commit.
Together we succeed.

Need recipe ideas for meal prep one week? Ask the community.

Want to get ideas for improving your sleep ritual, exercise or lifestyle? Pop into the community and see what everyone else is posting.

Want to stay inspired? This private community + our public Instagram Fam will keep you going!

4. Meal Prep Planning & Support

Need help learning what to eat, where to find recipes, how to plan your meals, or make meal prep happen? Hop on our live group calls or talk it out with me on Voxer! I can help!

Your Investment

All pricing below is for a 6 month program.

The 4 Habits Digital ONLY

(No Coaching or Accountability)
$ 97 one-time purchase
  • The 4 Habits Course + Daily Journal
  • Works With Any Fitness Plan
  • Works With Any Eating Style

The 4 Habits Coaching

6 Month Payment Plan
$ 197 per month x 6 months
  • The 4 Habits Course + Daily Journal
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited On-Demand Voice Coaching
  • Access to Commitment Club
  • Meal Prep & Planning Support
  • Works With Any Fitness Plan
  • Works With Any Eating Style
Most Popular

The 4 Habits Coaching

Paid in Full - Save $85
$ 1,097 Pay in Full
  • The 4 Habits Course + Daily Journal
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited On-Demand Voice Coaching
  • Access to Commitment Club
  • Meal Prep & Planning Support
  • Works With Any Fitness Plan
  • Works with Any Eating Style

Have questions? Book a free Breakthrough Session with Betty Jean here:

What Clients Are Saying

"There are so many resources and so much information available to help people who have autoimmune/inflammatory diseases. There is even more information about dieting and about sugar addiction.

Betty Jean has spent a great deal of time reading the information and confirming credibility.

The bottom line is she has done what I would have done for myself had I had the time to do so. She has compiled the best information that is available and knows what I need for my health and what habits that I need to replace or modify. That alone is tremendously valuable for me.

But in addition, Betty Jean is a specialist in helping people to develop healthy habits. Her strength and warmth are soothing and infectious and deciding to work with Betty Jean is one of my best self affirming decisions of my life."

Sherri Stone - Current Client

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