Basic Business Setup & Questions

Have questions about how to setup an LLC, sell products online, or any general questions about starting or improving your online business? This is for you.

Hourly Rate: $150/hour

High-Ticket Offer or Program Design

Want help designing a new service or coaching offer that you’d like to sell for $1,500 or more? This VIP day is for you.

We’ll spend a single day hashing out your idea and putting it together into an offer you are excited and confident to promote and share.

Bonus: I’ll also give you free access to my Raise Your Rates Accelerator course + any other course I’ve created that may be relevant to your particular needs.

VIP Day Rate: $1,500/day
(You’ll make this back in your first sale.)

Online Funnel Design

Have questions or want help designing a marketing, sales, and delivery funnel for your course, product, or service online? This is for you.

Hourly Rate: $500/hour

Business Systems & Workflow Consulting

Setting up or streamlining an online or a small “brick & mortar” business so that it is simpler and more profitable to run is where I shine.

Areas I can help you streamline:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Service/Product offers & delivery
  • Staffing
  • Overall workflow for individuals and/or among team members
  • Marketing
  • Improving the customer experience

Consulting Rates:

  • 1-2 hours: $500/hour
  • 3+ hours: $1,500/day (max 7 hours/day)

Contact me to book a 10 minute consultation (to see if we are a good fit to work together).


“Betty Jean Bell is a creative genius helping you string together everything you want to bring to live as an entrepreneur.”

Laura Bautista, Funnel Design & Systems Client

With Betty Jean Bell, running ads was so easy and the way she walked me through the whole process and pulled together ad strategies into one course to make a successful ad campaign was mind-blowing.

Lauren Peña, Social Media Ads Student

“That first close… I closed my first $5,000 deal with a $3,000 deposit. I also closed another client this morning for a $3,000 deal.

I can’t believe how much better I’m able to serve my clients… while serving FEWER clients, working less, and earning more. You’re completely changing my life here.”

Rahul Sangave, High-Ticket Offer Client

This is worth way more than my UCLA education.

Scott Rose, High-Ticket Offer Client

I’ve been doing and studying business for 5-6 years and I’ve never seen market research questions like this, this way to map out an offer, this way to define your value… this is actually different.

Catherine Crook, High-Ticket Offer Client

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