#MindsetMinute No. 21 – What’s required for you to feel good about your trading?

Do you find yourself happy when you end your trading day green, and upset when you end your trading day red?

For the last several months, I’ve recognized this behavior in myself. I also recognized that this is not a functional way to perceive my trading.

I don’t want to live a life where red days affect the amount of joy, worthiness, safety, or valueableness I feel in other areas of my life.

I have decided that this is the single most important thing I can do for my trading right now: learn to let go of my attachment to outcomes.

In today’s mindset minute, I discuss how this has been showing up in my life, what I’ve learned about it, and how I’m working to overcome this self-imposed limitation.

*This post is not financial advice, nor is it mental health advice. Please seek a financial and/or mental health professional where appropriate. For educational purposes only. 

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