#MindsetMinute No. 12 – Never chase. Instead, let yourself receive.

In my 20s, I always said, “I never chase men or money.”

They are both like capricious cats. If you try to chase and catch a cat, it will elude you. But if you’ll just sit down on the curb and focus on yourself, the cat will come over by itself and crawl in your lap.

Today, don’t chase the trade. 

Focus on waiting for a complete setup to form. Then, like the cat, LET the perfect trade come to you. 

Word of the day: capricious.


1. Characterized by, arising from, or subject to caprice; impulsive or unpredictable.

2. Governed or characterized by caprice; apt to change suddenly; freakish; whimsical; changeable.

Used in a sentence: “The markets are capricious as fuck right now.” 

*This post is not financial advice, nor is it mental health advice. Please seek a financial and/or mental health professional where appropriate. For educational purposes only. 

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