#MindsetMinute No. 10 – Sweating in your trades? Part VI

Today, we’re talking about the third common reasons one might be stressing in their trade.

3. There may be childhood subconscious programming around “fear of loss” that needs reprogramming.

In previous sessions, we’ve discussed brain waves and subconscious programming from the ages of 0-7. During that time, subconscious programs instilled in us by adults and the environment shaped our perception and unconscious responses to the world.

We’ve been programmed from a young age to be VERY responsive to “fear of loss”. Just look at ANY advertisement. You’ll see language like… “Limited time only”, “Times running out”, and “on sale for a limited time only”.

Why do you see that? Because it works. I wrote ads for YEARS and these were absolutely the most effective ads.

So, we’ve been conditioned to FEAR LOSS our whole lives.

This may be based on “fear of death” because we’ve been conditioned to fear losing life. I’m not a psychologist and that’s not a can of worms we need to open today. I’m just bringing this up to illustrate that fear of loss is a BIG primal fear that has been programmed into us from birth.

So how can this influence our trading?

It can create FOMO, chasing, or simply trigger a fear response in our bodies (via the amygdala) even when we are in an appropriately sized trade.

So what can we do about it? A few things:

1. Use this mantra: “Nothing meant for me can miss me.”

I find that saying this to myself repeatedly when I’ve missed the entry on a great trade helps me remember the truth: that nothing meant for me can miss me.

2. If “fear of loss” is causing you to chase trades or take FOMO trades, then doing some subconscious reprogramming around fear of loss may be helpful for you.

You can reprogram the subconscious (like we discussed in previous sessions) through hypnosis, meditation, or the sleep meditation I shared with you previously. 

You can also take an early look at some of the Emotional Freedom Technique tapping videos I’ve started making for you guys. Stay tuned for a full write up teaching you guys about this awesome technique: https://bettyjeanbell.gumroad.com/  Use code: DAYTRADER to get these free.

Next session, we’ll cover the final common reason people be sweatin’ in their trades.

*This post is not financial advice, nor is it mental health advice. Please seek a financial and/or mental health professional where appropriate. For educational purposes only. 

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