#MindsetMinute No. 3 – Who are you BEING in your trading? Part III

Last time, we learned that “wealth” is a state of BEING, and that a circumstance of material wealth is a product of living in a “wealthy state of BEING”.

Your homework was to write down the life experiences and material things you desire to create.

Today, you’re going to begin to figure out who you need to BE – now – in your moment-to-moment life, to make those desires a reality.

X has been trading for 10 years now. After 10 years of learning and practicing trading full time, you can imagine the level of KNOWING and CONFIDENCE Xavier must have about his ability to be a consistently profitable trader.

Today, X is BEING a consistently profitable trader in his inner world first… no matter how his trades go that day. As a result, he ends green most of the time. Who he is BEING leads to his thinking, his speaking, and his acting.


Because X is BEING a consistently profitable trader in his inner world, it also guides his EXPECTATIONS of his outer world. However we EXPECT things to go, deep down in our SUBCONSCIOUS mind, that is how things go in our outer world.

Who are YOU being each morning when you come to your trading?

How are you EXPECTING your trading to go? …not in your conscious thinking, but in your BEING on a SUBCONSCIOUS level?

Who we are being on a SUBCONSCIOUS level is key.

If you’re CONSCIOUSLY saying “I am a consistently profitable trader” but your subconscious self is saying, “I’m not confident. I’m afraid I’m gonna lose money. I’m using my rent money to trade… this HAS TO WORK OUT or I’m fucked!!”

Those are all fear based thoughts. That’s who you are truly BEING.

(Also, holy fuck… please, do NOT trade with rent money. That’s gambling. It doesn’t end well.)

Simply speaking positively is not enough to override who we are truly BEING on the inside. Speaking your desire into existence is absolutely important, but it does not precede BEING.

Based on what you are now aware of concerning who you are BEING on a subconscious level, who do you think you need to BE subconsciously to bring about the life you decided you desire yesterday?

  1. What subconscious beliefs do you think the person who has the life you want has? 
  2. How do you think that shows up in who they are BEING on a daily basis?
  3. And – more importantly – what beliefs do you currently hold that seem to be blocking your ability to believe that you could BE that person who has the life that you desire?

Question #3 might be the most important one for you to explore.

We’ll build more on this next time.

BONUS: If you didn’t get a chance to watch this video by Dr. Joe Dispenza before, today’s discussion topic is a great time to do this (or re-visit the video). Here are the details:

If you have 2 hours of downtime this weekend, here’s a link to a great video by Dr. Joe Dispenza that can help you understand the science behind how your conscious and subconscious mind work in your body and how the subconscious mind controls our thoughts and behaviors, even causing us to go against what we want… plus it introduces you to a practice you can use to start changing it.

You have 24 hours from the first time you press play on this video to complete watching it, so make sure you have a full 2 hours available before you press play: https://www.gaia.com/share/cl51a9mkl000e0q6y3w08emud?rfd=tOqQjg&language%255B%255D=en

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