I believe we can heal ourselves and I love helping people do it!

If diets & meal plans worked, you'd feel amazing and be in love with your body and how your clothes fit right now. But you don't feel good. You aren't in love. (And it's not your fault).

You can start changing that right now - for free - by learning the skills that will help you succeed at any damn nutrition plan you want.

🦄 Fo' freeeeeee!

How I Can Help


Quitting sugar, healing your body, losing weight... there's a reason diets & exercise haven't worked. Learn why habits = results.


Join me and my friends every week to talk about how to feel good in your life, work, and body every day... all the time.

Create + sell courses, daily habit tracking, & accountability all in one place. A software for coaches designed by coaches. (Me!)

What Clients Are Saying

"Two weeks into the program, I was starting to feel better. Six weeks in and people are remarking on how much thinner my face is looking. The inflammation is reducing and I'm feeling better and better."

Ava - Current Client

"I am uplifted in all ways... Spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I am not letting sugar control anymore! My clothes fit better & I am so much more aware of my body. You are SO REAL, Betty Jean. I feel like you really get me."

Liza - Current Client

"If I had known you were out there, I'd have hired you a LONG time ago! I can't get this level of support anywhere else. You make this all feel doable. You are so hugely valuable, Betty Jean."

Sherri - Current Client

Hi! I'm Betty Jean Bell.

I haven’t always been healthy, fit, or trim. In fact, my history with weight gain, depression, chronic illness, and compulsive overeating was a doozy.

Learn the skills you need to succeed at ANY diet or meal plan you want.

Over the next 7 days, I'm gonna teach you the 4 Domino Habits I teach in ALL my coaching programs. 100% of my one-on-one clients have found it easier to eat healthier long-term by practicing these 4 habits over 6-12 months.

Do you know ANY other nutrition coaches who can say that?

Learn how to change your habits & succeed at healthy eating... starting right now.

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