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#MindsetMinute No. 11 – Sweating in your trades? Part V

Today, we’re talking about our final common reasons one might be stressing in their trades. 4. There may be a subconscious trauma response that needs healing/reprogramming. A trauma response is simply a subconscious program that was formed during a highly stressful or traumatic event. The trauma response could have been created when a trade went […]

#MindsetMinute No. 10 – Sweating in your trades? Part VI

Today, we’re talking about the third common reasons one might be stressing in their trade. 3. There may be childhood subconscious programming around “fear of loss” that needs reprogramming. In previous sessions, we’ve discussed brain waves and subconscious programming from the ages of 0-7. During that time, subconscious programs instilled in us by adults and […]

#MindsetMinute No. 9 – Sweating in your trades? Part III

Today, we’re talking about the second common reasons one might be stressing in their trade: 2. Trading with money one needs for living. Please, do not do this. This immediately sets one up for failure. If one is trading with rent/food money, the amygdala is going to “lose it’s shit”. One’s entire nervous system will […]

#MindsetMinute No. 8 – Sweating in your trades? Part II

Today, we’re talking about the first common reasons one might be stressing in their trade: 1. You may have too much size on. How do you know you are oversized in a trade? If you’re sweating or can’t think straight while in a trade, you are probably oversized. Being oversized in a trade triggers our […]

#MindsetMinute No. 7 – Sweating in your trades? Part I

Do you find yourself nervous/stressed af when you are in a trade? During the next 4 sessions, we are going to explore 4 common reasons you may be stressing in your trades and what to do, not just to resolve them, but to entirely uplevel them. Why being “stressed in a trade” needs to be […]

#MindsetMinute No. 5 – Reprogramming Our Subconscious

Last time, we learned about our brain wave states, the subconscious mind, and how they affect not only our perception of the world, but the results we are getting in our daily life.

Today, I’m going to share the SIMPLEST way to begin reprogramming your subconscious mind so that you have more control over the life you are creating.

#MindsetMinute No. 4 – Changing our subconscious beliefs

“Show me a child before the age of 7 & I’ll show you the man/woman.” Aristotle knew wtf was up on this: the programming we receive between the ages of 0-7 informs our perceptions and responses to the world for the rest of our lives. …or does it? Why the first 7 years are such […]

#MindsetMinute No. 3 – Who are you BEING in your trading? Part III

Last time, we learned that “wealth” is a state of BEING, and that a circumstance of material wealth is a product of living in a “wealthy state of BEING”. Your homework was to write down the life experiences and material things you desire to create. Today, you’re going to begin to figure out who you […]

#MindsetMinute No. 2 – Who are you BEING in your trading? Part II

Last time, we spoke about who we are BEING and how that dictates our words and experiences, not just in the market, but in our lives. BEING ➡️THINKING ➡️WORDS/SPEAKING ➡️ACTION And you had a simple homework assignment (if you chose to accept it): to write down all the “I AM” statements you notice yourself saying […]

#MindsetMinute No. 1 – Who are you BEING in your trading? Part I

You’ve heard Team Leaders in the club talk about the importance of our words in what we are creating. For example… Giving yourself a username like “Lost It All On AMC” versus something like Blake’s name “1000% Options Blake C”. The names we give ourselves matter. The words we use are an outpicturing of our […]