Q&A: “What diets do you teach?”

What’s up, ladies?!

There’s one question I get a lot, “What diets do you teach?”

And the truth is pretty simple, I don’t. There are so many diet options out there, and in reality, all of them work and none of them work.

When you have a metabolic dysfunction or an eating disorder, no diets work. There are physical and mental factors that can inhibit weight loss on any diet.

So if I don’t teach diets, what do I bother teaching you?

I go deep. I help you to understand how your physical and mental health can affect your diet. This is an emotional journey. How overcome the power of food. How to stop obsessing over food. How to stop eating our feelings.

Once we get a handle on emotions, I teach you how to be your own nutritionist. I do this because your body will change over time and your needs will change. I have personal experience with this. I have been sick from stress, from food and from toxins – you may have had a similar experience.

When I was sick with gastroparesis, I could not eat solid foods. For 18 months, I only consumed green juice and one cup of chicken for chewable food. I hired a therapist and coach to help me. The desire to chew is strong and it is difficult to live on liquids – I hired a lot of support to help me through that.

With acid reflux, I only eat foods with a pH under 5.

When I had hypothyroidism, I changed my nutrition to help me rebalance my hormones – I don’t have hypothyroidism anymore.

When I had a ton of inflammation and was developing a lot of autoimmune symptoms and issues. I had a radically different diet.

Now, I eat mostly keto – but that’s what works for me right now. I do have some carbohydrates a few times per week. It depends on what you are working on to determine the diet you will do.

The one thing that only works for a short amount of time before it wreaks havoc on your hormones and mental health is restrictive dieting. We don’t restrict.

We also work on the language around food choices. We avoid terms like, “I can’t have that.” Instead we choose to have something or we don’t. There aren’t bad foods or good foods, there’s just food. You can choose organic food over processed food and you will have a much different experience with both.

Maybe once or week I go off plan for something special, but I haven’t done anything wrong. I haven’t cheated or treated – I make a choice. So I don’t teach diets, I help you choose which foods in your diet will help you reach your goals. Together, we work on helping you make choices that help you feel good more often than not. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being committed to the path for the long haul.

When it comes to paleo, keto, Whole30, or any of the other of many diets I’ve studied – all of them work, none of them work. I’ll teach you how to decipher those programs. How to not get wrapped up in the hype, and how you can decide what’s right for you. I’ll teach you systems you can use regardless of your program. No carb, high carb, moderate carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, whatever. We are gonna help you find a way to eat that sustained you and helps you balance your mood and at the end of the day helps you feel better.

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